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At KÖGL, we understand the importance of safe storage when it comes to heavyweights, and so developed a heavy duty shelving system with full extension, to provide the optimal protection of heavy products. Because of the side panels and 180° swing doors or roller shutters, the heavy duty shelf is entirely closeable. The pullouts of the shelf have a load capacity of up to 1 tonne each, and thus facilitate an easy loading and unloading process, for example with an overhead crane. If further subdivisions are required, more shelves can be installed, which can bear a load capacity each of up to 500 kg.

Warehouse technology with a concept -
A detailed view of the heavy duty shelving

GARANT heavy duty shelves are ideal for the storage of heavy goods, for example of motors, punching dies or injection moulding tools.

    • Extendable drawers for easy access (with a load capacity of up to 1 tonne)
    • We offer starter and add-on shelves for the transverse and lengthwise storage of pallets. Upon request, these racking systems can be equipped with fully extendable or 70 % partially extendable drawers. Alternatively, you can also choose completely integrated shelf bays.
    • Safety: Our shelves are equipped with a locking bar as standard. On top of this, each separate pullout drawer is equipped with an individual lock, which ensures that only ever one drawer can be extended at a time.
    • Pin tumbler cylinder lock: when it comes to swing doors, the installation of a push handle, with an integrated pin tumbler cylinder lock, can facilitate the modification with other GARANT locking systems.
    • Single hand use: thanks to the integrated wire rope hoist, convenient and easy single handed access is granted. Locking is made possible in both closed and entirely extended positions. Safe and secure loading and unloading (the shelving bay stays still).
    • Completely closed off storage possibilities, due to the use of side panels, swing doors and roller shutters.
    • Ready and primed for floor anchoring.
    • Heavy duty ball-bearing rollers ensure safe and convenient extension, even when fully loaded.

    Please note:

    The shelf must be anchored into the floor!

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