Commercial vehicle upfits
for passenger cars

Transforming your car into a service vehicle

The large amount of space that a van has to offer, gives rise to endless possibilities and a multitude of uses. A passenger car, however, has far less space available - which makes optimising this room even more important. Especially in the boot of the car, the in-vehicle equipment must be fitted precisely. FLEXMO™ offers special modules which are made to order for your car, fitting accurately to the precise width and depth of your vehicle.

The car manufacturer's fixation points are used to attach our specialised FLEXMO™ installation platforms, which create the basis of your commercial vehicle upfit. This can then be stocked up with drawers, cases, filing cabinets or other modules, depending on your needs. If your passenger car has a very specific requirement it needs to fulfil, we are happy to find the right customised solution for you. By replacing the rear seating area with specialised fittings, functionality can be drastically increased.

With our FLEXMO™ vehicle racking solutions, flexibility in terms of your car's application purposes can be granted. Should you need to use the space differently, the fittings and equipment can be quickly and easily removed. This enables you to switch spontaneously between a regular passenger car and an upfitted service vehicle.

and mobile

Thanks to our systems of drawers, shelves and cases, the space available in your car will be fully exploited - helping you reach an entirely new level of efficiency. The in-vehicle fittings not only ensure your tools and materials are safely stored and transported, but also their orderly organisation. Easy access via the rear and side doors enables you to get a hold of everything you need instantly.

Always prepared and ready to face all challenges

Our FLEXMO™ service vehicle solutions help turn your passenger car into a mobile workspace. Not only the shelves and cabinets, but also the integrated tool cases which are easily stowed in their allocated areas, help make your workday easier. They can be easily accessed and taken out of the car to carry the necessary tools to the job location. Of course, we also customise the passenger car upfits entirely to your requirements, as the vehicle should always support you in your job. Upon request, we can also produce in-vehicle fittings tailored to your unique needs. This ensures you are always prepared, no matter how great the challenge.

Best of both worlds

A good passenger car with our professional FLEXMO™ vehicle interior solutions, means you are getting the best of both worlds. Easy travelling with a regular car, yet professional demeanour like with a transporter. Regardless of whether you are driving through the busy city, or going on long motorway stretches - this car will provide you with an invaluable services.

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