Unique solutions
to meet exceptional

With FLEXMO™ Individual we are offering a solution for those requirements that our standard van racking solutions cannot satisfy. This enables us to fulfil even the most specialised and unique demands, ensuring your service vehicle is perfectly suited to your job. It goes without saying that our custom-made products are also of the highest quality, with all aspects of ergonomics, functionality and safety considered.

Upon request, we are happy to produce entirely customised in-vehicle fittings. These could be small alterations to a serial production line which are required, or a completely individualised solution.

Our intense ardour

Specific challenges demand a carefully planned and thought-through, practice orientated vehicle interior and equipment. We can find solutions to these requirements and help turn the idea into reality. Often standard components are not sufficient in these situations. As a result, we plan, design and produce entire unique and specialised van racking solutions with great ardour, for almost any field of work. Whether with passenger cars, transporters or trucks, in large or small quantities, with FLEXMO™ Individual we help you to master all manner of challenges. By using customised interior fittings and involving modern workplace concepts and ergonomics in our designs, efficiency and productivity are greatly increased. Naturally, later purchases and replacement pieces are readily available, even for specialised solutions.

Ergonomic, functional, modular

Our specialised solutions are of course also designed and created according to the latest ergonomic findings. This ensures that your workflow becomes easier and more convenient. Premature fatigue and long term damage are avoided, while workplace efficiency is increased. However, functionality is still our highest priority for our products. Our commercial vehicle upfit solutions help you to get the job done. The Individual solutions are also easily combined with the regular FLEXMO™ products, which allows for continued modularity.

Upon request, we are also happy to produce single units, as well as small- or large-scale series. If you are satisfied with your individually customised van racking solution, you can continue to reorder your fittings for a long period of time after the original purchase; for example should you need to equip the rest of your fleet.

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