Van Racking Solutions
with a systematic quality

FLEXMO™ can provide the perfect commercial upfit solution for every vehicle in every branch of business, uniquely tailored to your individual requirements. Thanks to the extensive range of choices and our modular system, your service vehicle will always be set to go. And if our comprehensive choice of products cannot satisfy your specific needs, we are happy to find a unique and customised solution for your upfit.

Flexible - a modular structure

Each job and each branch of business has its own particulars and demands.  The modular character of FLEXMO™ helps to ensure that you are prepared for all eventualities, as our individual pieces can be combined in any manner of ways to create the vehicle interior that perfectly suits your business' needs and purposes. The modules are also available as different versions, enabling you to customise as you please.

An overview of the FLEXMO™ van racking modules

Combining any of the many FLEXMO™ modules we offer, we can create a vehicle interior customised to your requirements. The following modules are part of our repertoire:

Underfloor modules

Small vans and transporters particularly enjoy the benefits of our underfloor modules. Thanks to their space saving design, they offer generous storage space, even in small areas. A range of sizes enables an individual fit for different uses and spaces. The low centre of gravity of our FLEXMO™ underfloor modules helps ensure secure transportation. They can be easily attached to the rear of the car or to sliding side doors. Plus, the 90% pullout makes loading and unloading especially easy.


Ideal for quick access and highly versatile: FLEXMO™ shelves, available straight or slanted, with or without covers, are ideal for storing tools, materials, containers etc., in an orderly fashion.

Boxes with windows

No more searching for those small bits and bobs: the removable FLEXMO™ boxes with windows allow you to instantly see which box contains what, and can be easily refilled.

Hooks for grid walls

FLEXMO™ tool holders can quickly and easily be attached to the locking mesh with only one hand, without the need for tools. These are available in many variations.

Long components tray

Superbly suited for the transportation of pipes or rods and available with or without a cover, our trays come in sizes from 900 to 3100 mm.

Deposit trays

Deposit trays offer safe storage of small and large items as well as bulk material. Available in eight different lengths (450 to 1500 mm) and three possible depths (255 to 455 mm).


Highly versatile in terms of application and combination, a SYSTAINER® is equipped with a patented fastening system, resulting in extreme stability. Easily stored in drawers, shelves and racks, they can be perfectly incorporated into our FLEXMO™ modules.

Gas cylinder holder

This handy  "safety assistant" ensures your gas cylinders are stowed away safely and quickly.

Vice bracket

High stability and easy handling. The FLEXMO™ vice bracket offers a mobile alternative to a regular workbench, which can be mounted on the wall in a case to be unfolded, or pulled out as a multiplex board with a steel section frame.

The sturdy solution for clever

Safe, convenient, tried and tested: The housing of the ABS-case is made of shockproof and torsion resistant ABS plastic, making it extraordinarily stable, yet surprisingly light. The two-point locking mechanism automatically locks the case when the handle is pulled as the case lifted. The offset arranged handles allow for two cases to be carried in one hand. The interior of the case can be equipped with aluminium inserts, plastic boxes or tool trays as is required. For small components we also offer a particularly handy compact version of the FLEXMO™ ABS-case.

flexible &

Each of our modules has been designed to maximize efficiency. To us, this means not only creating simple, orderly and user-friendly products, but also ensuring that their weight is optimised to help keep your fuel consumption low. As the removal and exchange of the modules is quick and simple, the upfitted vehicle can also be used privately. Even heavy loads can be quickly and safely stowed away with only one hand, thanks to the fully extendable telescopic slides of the drawers, which allow for easy opening and closing. Our 200 and 300mm high drawers are equipped with double guide rails as standard, to handle heavy loads. A variety of partitioning options, such as aluminium separation plates and plastic boxes, are also available, helping us to tailor the modules to your needs.

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