We offer substructures for special equipment. These substructures are accurately tailored to your special requirements and offer the perfect addition to each relevant special device.

In our assortment, you will find substructures, for example, for:

  • hard stone plates
  • shrinking appliances
  • presetting devices
  • compact clamps
  • measuring microscopes

Substructures for hard stone plates

The substructures for hard stone plates consist of a stable welded construction, and include bearing fittings. Up to a maximum working height of 900 mm, measured from the top edge of the hard stone plate, the height of the worktop can be adjusted by the use of height adjustment screws. This substructure is available in two different versions. Either in an open design, as a base frame, or as an entirely closed off one, as a cabinet substructure.

In this version, the substructure offers a safe storage space for a diversity of materials due to its housing made from sheet metal. Depending on the size, the cabinet substructure can be delivered with either swing doors and / or drawers. Upon request, both models are also available with vibration isolation.

Substructures for measuring microscopes

Suited for the Garant measuring microscopes, we offer a specialised substructure which is perfectly tailored to these microscopes. This allows for the measurement and comparison measurement of microcomponents to be performed quickly and easily, which helps integrate this process into the workflow.

The casing, made from welded sheet steel, and the unilateral rounded edge of the worktop, ensure a high degree of comfort while working. The handy storage compartment made from sheet steel, allows for a fast and hassle-free working process.

Interested in our substructures for special equipment?
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