FLEXMO™ partners.
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Our FLEXMO™ distributors

FLEXMO™ van racking solutions can be purchased at any one of our authorised distribution partners, or straight from the factory.

Our focus lies in offering individual consultation, client orientated planning, as well as professional installation. This is why we consider it of the utmost importance to offer you the best service possible, without any additional effort or cost on your part. Our authorised distribution partners can competently advise you on your FLEXMO™ interior fittings, as well as guarantee their professional installation.

To achieve the best possible outcome, we work very closely with our clients. To ensure that our customer orientated service is also available outside of our own factories, we cooperate closely with our partner companies. As a result, our clients can benefit from our comprehensive know-how, as well as our over five decades  worth of experience, regardless of where their FLEXMO™ products are purchased. Based on this, our promise of efficient use of space, stability, durability and safety –all at a very low inherent weight – can be kept for all clients. With our professional installation, your upfitted vehicle will be sure to offer full support in your everyday workday.

Whatever you need, whenever you need it - our FLEXMO™ service partners are always happy to help, even after installation has been completed. This ensures that your FLEXMO™ service vehicle will always be up to date.

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