The right
van racking solution
with FLEXMO™

Individually optimised from our one-stop shop

The installation of our FLEXMO™ van racking system is always an individualised procedure, as we prepare your vehicle for your specific use. Communication between your business and us is key, to ensure that all your needs can be met. To achieve our promised perfect solutions, we work very closely with our clients, and offer you the benefits of our over 50 years worth of experience and comprehensive know-how. On this basis, our products can offer efficient use of space, stability, longevity and safety - all with a very low inherent weight.

From an organised requirement analysis
to 3D-planning and
professional installation

We go all the way

The first step of the process is an organised requirement analysis, to ensure that the vehicle conversion can be perfectly suited to and integrated into your business. Only when your requirements have been fully analysed, do we start planning the vehicle interior in 3D. At this point we can offer you a clear impression of our plans, and with the help of your feedback we can optimise your vehicle perfectly.

The path to your unique van racking solution

  • Requirement analysis
    Together with you we try to pinpoint what exactly you need - and what you don't. This creates the basis of your unique solution, which can fulfil your requirements precisely.

  • Planning in 3D
    With the FLEXMO™ App, your future vehicle interior can be visualised as a 3D animation, which enables us to continuously improve and optimise the design.

  • Planning with the FLEXMO™ App
    With our FLEXMO™ App, clients can be expertly advised on their specific requirements for the commercial vehicle upfit. Our sales representatives will give you access to the 3D Animations which can show you our proposals applied to your required vehicle. By visualising the planned vehicle interior throughout the developmental phase, we can be sure to find the perfect solution for you.

  • Installation & Assembly
    To provide maximum safety and reliability, it is vital that the vehicle fittings are installed and mounted properly and professionally. Our experienced professionals at our authorised FLEXMO™ Service-Centers are perfectly qualified for this job.

  • Service
    Whatever you need, whenever you need it - our FLEXMO™ service partners are always happy to help, even after installation has been completed. This ensures that your FLEXMO™ service vehicle will always be up to date.

Through this process, and thanks to the modular structure of our system, we can help you achieve the perfect service vehicle. It will ease your workflow and ensure you are always prepared and excellently equipped.

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