Individual components of the GridLine workbenches

In addition to our fixed GridLine workbenches, we offer all elements of the workbench as individual components for the individualized assembly of your needed workbench. If you haven't found the combination you need, you can put together your GridLine Vario or Ready-To-Go workbench here.

Individual components for Vario and Ready-To-Go workbenches

  • Seven different worktops in five different lengths can be selected for the workbenches
  • The housing of the workbench can be fitted to be either standing or hanging or self-assembled for use in two widths (16 G and 24 G) and different heights.
  • For the drawers, there are a total of eight drawer front heights for countless combination options.
  • The housing can be equipped with a door or a door and drawers.
  • Mobile housings are fitted or available for self-assembly.
  • Energy & media housing
  • With block castors, almost any workbench can be converted into a mobile version.
  • A manual height adjustment with a height adjustment range of 150 mm for ergonomic adjustment of the workbench can be used.
  • A side panel with perforated wall for foot sections brings even more order into the workplace.

Individual components for Vario workbenches

  • Gusset plates increase the stability of the workbench. If there is no housing under the worktop, gusset plates are essential.
  • Optional back panels can be used to increase the stability and load-bearing capacity of the workbench. These can also be used as storage shelves.
  • Foot sections are available in four different heights. With manual height adjustment or wheels. Recessed foot sections provide more leg room.

Individual components for Vario and Ready-To-Go workbenches

  • Energy and media housings are available for the Ready-To-Go workbenches.
  • A beam with foot sections increases the load-bearing capacity of the workbenches.
  • A travel unit with lifting/lowering device can be used for mobile work. This makes Ready-To-Go workbenches mobile, while having a secure foothold during work.

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