Van racking solutions
for large vehicles

Large vans are often used as installation vehicles. Because of the generous amount of space they offer, they have thus become a classic must-have in this branch of business. However, the larger the amount of space a vehicle has to offer, the greater the load it has to carry - which means staying organised and keeping your tools ordered becomes an even greater challenge. Particularly when the van is fully loaded, a good system of organisation is a must, as loading and unloading should be quick and easy.

Always having the right tools at hand

With our FLEXMO™ van racking system, all your tools and materials can be efficiently stored and organised. This ensures each item has somewhere it belongs, making it quick and easy to find. Fast and safe load securing systems are also part of the FLEXMO™ line, which can be easily installed, even in large vehicles. The facilities are not only tailored to your vehicle type, but also to your specific demands. You decide which areas are to remain free for the transportation of bulky or large goods, and how much room the equipment can take up. Once installed, our grid walls, shelves and ABS-case are guaranteed to give you a greater degree of orderliness.

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