KÖGL Individual.
The customised

Why are workplace facilities
so important?

Creating an attractive working environment which encourages efficient and motivated activity, is the key to greater productivity. Fitted with the correct and functional facilities, the wellbeing of employees is granted, giving way to greater commitment, motivation and more efficient working processes.


KÖGL INDIVIDUAL provides the solution to fulfil even the most specific requirements. Our high quality products are designed and realised with all the aspects of ergonomics, functionality and safety considered. Naturally, they are also characterised by modern design.

All KÖGL products are designed and manufactured by highly skilled and experienced workers, which helps ensure their suitability for everyday use.

Our INDIVIDUAL product line is comprised of both the construction and realisation of singular pieces, as well as of small or large-scale series.

  • Increases the employees' motivation by improving their working conditions
  • Specialised and customised workspaces allow for a better performance with greater productivity and quality, which in turn ensures greater profitability.
  • Later purchases of all products possible, even after years.

Custom-made solutions:
workspace facilities tailored to you!

Upon request, we are happy to produce entirely customised workplace facilities - regardless of whether you require small alterations to a serial production line, or a completely individualised solution.

We plan our specialised solutions, which are entirely tailored to your situation, with modern CAD-Systems. This enables us to present you our possible solutions visually and allows for a continuous reworking of the project. By installing custom-made workspace facilities designed according to innovative and modern working concepts, efficiency, productivity and ergonomics are greatly increased. Of course replacement purchases, as well as the later procurement of products, are possible even for our custom-made solutions. Our core materials are tubing, sheet metal, plastic and wood, from which we are happy to fulfil your every dream!

Ergonomic, functional, modular

All KÖGL Products in our Individual Line are custom-made and abide by a distinguished ergonomic concept. The latest ergonomic insights from the planned area of facility instalment are our guidelines in design and production. Our products are made to work; which means functionality is always our priority. Regardless of how flexible a workflow has to be, or how changeable the requirements are, our facilities are always perfectly suited. The modular character of our products allows you to create an exclusive workspace wholly fitted to your needs, thus optimising your work processes. By installing the correct facilities into your system, the individual work processes flow seamlessly into one another, heightening the efficiency of production. But our individual and custom-made workspaces and facilities offer far more than just pure efficiency:  the positive impact on the climate of the working environment and the motivation of the employees is an added bonus. It is our aim to create work environments that enable smooth and effortless workflows.

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