The heart of individual design

The GARANT workstation is a highly customisable workspace in its own right. The simple height adjustment enables a comfortable and convenient operation for a multitude of work processes. However, in connection with the accessories, the customisation possibilities become endless. You can create just the right workplace that you need for your job. This facilitates efficient and ergonomic working conditions. In fact, the combination of workstations and accessories creates modular workplace facilities which are ready to meet all challenges.

The GARANT workstation with accessories:

  • Individually combinable and compatible with GARANT workplace facilities.
  • Modular system - grows with your requirements.
  • Simple interlinking of the GARANT workstations.

Needs-orientated work activities and ergonomics

To achieve an optimal workflow, it is important to fulfil the requirements of the job and the workspace. Not only the workspace itself, but also the availability and accessibility of tools, as well as the lighting, are instrumental to achieving this. Thanks to the comprehensive range of accessories available for the GARANT workstation, this can be easily done. Rotatable, swivelling and height-adjustable elements help create a working environment which is easily tailored to your needs. GARANT Multifix facilitates the easy and clearly arranged storage of your materials within grasp, while the LED-lighting concept ensures perfect illumination. Different kinds of brackets can be attached to the Multifix rail, and a magnetic blueprint stand ensures your plans are always visible, while the GARANT boxes facilitate the perfectly ordered arrangement of all manner of items. Flexibility and variability are prized characteristics of the Multifix rail, which can be inclined and tilted in different directions and attached directly to the perforated wall of the workstation.

Set up your workstation, however you need it.
Our modular system creates the possibility of a workspace which can fulfil all your needs.

Our products, and the relevant expertise consultation,
are available at our exclusive retailer Hoffmann.


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