by hand

In the production and creation of our goods we lay great importance on automation. It is through this automation that we can achieve the high degree of productivity, precision, efficiency and profitability, that is expected of us. This type of production has become an integral part of the modern manufacturing process. There are, however, also processes which simply cannot, and should not, be automated. To achieve the highest quality possible, it is important to use the individual resources and specific strengths of man and machine effectively. Therefore, quality assurance and installation are still done by hand. Of course our automated production processes are also monitored by our workers, ensuring their functionality and high quality. The final result is achieved through the installation by specialist experts with the relevant know-how.

Qualified experts complete installation

The final installation is also done exclusively by hand. All individual pieces are stored, ready for installation, just as soon as they have been coated. From these separate parts, we create the final product at ergonomic and well equipped installation sites. It is only through the hands of our specialised and highly qualified workers that the machine produced parts become an end piece of the highest quality.

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