Reap the benefits of over 50 years worth of experience.
High-quality, durable and customised interior facilities for every branch of business – made in Germany.

Our promise of quality

Services offered by KÖGL

Despite offering a comprehensive range of products and services, our work can be summarised with this short sentence: Development and manufacture of high-quality, customised and cost-efficient products for workspace, storage and vehicle interiors.

Our services and products

Strategic foresight.

KÖGL is one of the largest and most efficient producers of workplace, storage and commercial in-vehicle fittings. Our high-quality products are most frequently used in industrial companies and service providers, as well as in the trades and crafts sector.

The high quality which we expect at KÖGL has long become a standard by which we work, which is guaranteed for with our competent workers, top modern machinery and transfer line systems.

Kögl GmbH Betriebs-, Lager- und Fahrzeugeinrichtung

The company’s

Our company’s focus lies in improving the everyday working conditions for all workers. To achieve this, we design and produce interiors and facilities which allow for efficient and ergonomic workflows, while being entirely flexible and adaptable to each worker’s specific requirements.

Workplace and storage facilities

Workbenches, tool cupboards, system workstations, system and magazine trolleys as well as heavy-duty shelving and all other products found in warehousing technology, have been our top priorities from the beginning. The Hoffmann Group® and the Hoffmann Partners are the exclusive world-wide distributors of the KÖGL products under the brand name GARANT and HOLEX. By now, these names have already become synonymous with high quality in many companies.

Van racking systems

KÖGL has been producing specialised solutions for vehicles, ranging from passenger cars and transporters to trucks and containers, for many years now. Retailers all over Germany, as well as across Europe, have ensured a successful market penetration. The van racking systems we design have a modular structure, which ensures their cross-sector application as well as their suitability for all types of vehicles. They are distributed under the name FLEXMO.

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