Tailor-made perfection

Workplace facilities by KÖGL are highly versatile and help ease daily working life.

Our products are of high-quality perfection, and entirely tailor-made, thanks to the fact that our product management, designers, constructors, product designers and quality management all work together very closely.

Individual product quality - and nothing less

In many cases it simply doesn't suffice to rely upon the standard workplace facility solutions, which is why our service comprises the conception, development and realisation of our products. With our specialised and unique production, our products can be seamlessly fitted into daily workflows, which ensures their lasting, reliable and safe application. The modular structure of our systems further provides for their complete integration into your workspace, as it allows for the facilities to be adjusted to your company's precise requirements. Our ex-factory solutions are also highly customisable to the individual needs of the employees, offering a perfect basis for an ergonomic organisation of the company.

Workbenches, drawer cabinets, storage shelving, mobile workplace facilities and our INDIVIDUAL Line are all part of KÖGL's portfolio of products.

  • Workstations
    The highly flexible workstations by GARANT are suited to a wide variety of jobs as well as being highly ergonomic and customisable.

  • Workbenches
    The workbenches by GARANT and HOLEX are renowned for their stability and individual character, as well as their high quality.

  • Tool cabinets
    Exquisite sheet steel tool cabinets by KÖGL are available directly from the factory. Optimised to ensure maximum ergonomics, high quality and flexibility.

  • Worktops
    High quality worktops for a comprehensive range of jobs, made from beech, plastic or Eterlux. Suited perfectly to lab work, assembly and electronic jobs.

  • Bearing technology
    Improve the work processes in your warehouse with expert storage facilities. Professional equipment ensures appropriate and efficient storage.

  • KÖGL Individual
    Your workspace should be tailored to you. Our Individual Line helps you to realise your ideal working environment.

  • Ergonomics
    Ergonomics puts the focus on your employees. By optimising their working processes with ergonomic workspace facilities, the quality of their work is improved.

    The entire workstation series, including the wide range of accessories, is also available as ESD versions. Upon request, this is also made possible with other products.



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