What is ergonomics?

The term ergonomics is used to define the optimisation of a working environment. Its aim is to create a workflow and system which has a positive effect on both the wellbeing and the efficiency of the workers. Psychological as well as physical strain can be drastically decreased by the employment of an ergonomic workstation.

What are the advantages of ergonomics?

Ergonomics can offer a wide range of benefits to both employees and the company itself. With the skilled installation of ergonomically designed working environments and workplace systems, the performance of the workers improves and the fault rate falls. Fatigue occurs much later than in suboptimal working environments, and even after years of working in one area, there is no harm done to employees. This helps to reduce the cost of production and ensures the end products' high quality.

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The focus is on you and your employees

The ergonomic design of your workstation is strongly focused on the employees, and is applied to all areas of the workplace. Design, lighting, handling range, height adjustments, adaptability, as well as orderliness and organisation are all important aspects of ergonomics.

In fact, it involves the entire workplace - which should, ideally, be designed according to modern-day ergonomic standards.

Ergonomics at work

The key to success

Without providing for an ergonomic production process and working environment, humane working conditions cannot be achieved. This in turn results in full potentials not being realised. Not only does the wellbeing of the employees correlate positively with an ergonomic working environment, but their workflow and processes are also eased and optimised. We are lucky to be living at a time when workers no longer need to adjust themselves to unforgiving workplaces, but that the spaces and facilities are instead adapted to the worker.

KÖGLs ergonomic solutions

Ergonomics is very important to us. They play a central role in the design and development of our products. Naturally, this not only extends to the production of our tools, which provide easy handling, but also to all our other products. All workplace facilities that we offer, are highly customisable and guaranteed to help create a more ergonomic working environment.

If you have any questions at all about the design of your workplace, or require a consultation for a customised workplace interior according to ergonomic standards, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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