Job vacancies

Be part of our team! There’s no need to wait for a suitable vacancy to come up - spontaneous applications are more than welcome.

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Vocational training

We create the foundations – KÖGL is a company that can provide you with first-class chances for a professional career. Kick-starting young people’s professional careers by providing solid vocational training, has been a core part of the company’s philosophy from the beginning. We are aware of the responsibility we carry and know that quality is important – when it comes to training, as well as in social competency and our products. This ensures that all can reap the benefits of our high-quality vocational training – first and foremost the trainee, and then of course also our clients.

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Student opportunities

We offer valuable practical experience. – KÖGL can offer a multitude of different opportunities for students, ranging from internships, research papers and degree thesis, to see the learnt theory put into practise. We favour students from mechanical, production and industrial engineering degrees as well production organisation students. We look forward to receiving your speculative application.


KÖGL can offer a wide variety of school and university vocational internships, with places available in all our vocational training courses.

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