The workstation plays a very central role in everyday working activity. Many important work processes are attended to here, and large amounts of time are spent at the workstation. This is why it is so important to ensure the correct set up of the workstations, so they can fulfil the worker's precise requirements. Not only does this provide for a more pleasant working situation, but also for more efficiency, while simultaneously protecting the workers from back damage and the potentially resulting risk of complications.

On top of this, en ergonomic setup and arrangement of the workplace prevents premature fatigue and the resulting loss in concentration, which in turn decreases the risk of injury enormously. A remarkable rise in productivity is the consequence. The amortisation of an ergonomic and flexible workstation occurs in the shortest period of time.

A flexible workstation: Variety with height adjustments

The height of the workstation is decisive for an ergonomic and efficient work process. We use three different methods to guarantee that the workstation is always at the perfect height. Especially when the workstation needs to be altered frequently, the options eLevel or eLevel+ are highly recommended. Because an electronically controlled height adjustment system saves time and effort, and can thus result in a better workflow.

Three basic variations to control the workstation height

Our workstations are available in three different variations, which are distinguished from one another by their height adjustment controllers. While the height is adjusted manually in the mLevel variation, eLevel and eLevel+ are equipped with an electronically controlled regulation function, are infinitely variable and have a memory function in which three preferred settings can be saved, allowing the most frequent working heights to be achieved with just one step.

mLevel – workstations with manual height adjustment

  • Workstation mLevel - the workspace which adjusts to your requirements. Classic height adjustments in a 25mm grid by use of a foot tread with fixation screws. The perfect height can be adjusted on the inside of the table for easy handling.

eLevel – electronic and infinitely variable adjustment of the work station

  • Workstation eLevel - electrical and infinitely adjustable. Requires only minimal effort as the height is adjusted with an electric operating panel, which is equipped with a display and a memory function. The height of the entire workstation can be adjusted like this.

eLevel+ – electronic, infinitely adjustable worktop

  • Workstation eLevel+ electronically and infinitely variable adjustability. Requires only minimal effort as the height is adjusted with an electric operating panel, which is equipped with a display and a memory function. The height of the entire worktop can be adjusted like this.

Work table with workstation functionality

This work table has a base mount consisting of an anodised aluminium lifting unit and steel tube made from 0,9 mm sheet metal. The 50 mm strong board of beech multiplex is waterproof bonded and offers a solid worktop. For this model, the height can be adjusted infinitely from 700 - 1050 mm, quickly and easily, by the use of an operating panel. For optimal user friendliness the operating panel has a memory function in which 3 different height preferences can be saved. This means that this work table is perfectly suited for activities alternating between sitting and standing positions. Especially when the activities alternate on a regular basis, the memory function quickly pays off.

Carts and
System Trolleys

Facilities with added value

The correct accessories - They are handy and ease the workflow  - with workstation trolleys, magazine trolleys and looper cars by KÖGL, every single work process becomes increasingly efficient. Required tools, documents or materials are always systematically ordered and accessible.

Whether using the open fronted accessory trolley, or the magazine trolley with boxes - KÖGL manufactures needs-based facilities, which are guaranteed to establish order and ease the working processes.

With the correct combination of workstations, carts and system trolleys, you will be able to step up the work flow in your business to a whole new level.

Colour Palette


RAL 2011


RAL 3003


RAL 5012


RAL 5005


RAL 5018


RAL 6011


RAL 7005


RAL 7016


RAL 7032

* We supply these RAL colours without extra charge. Additional colours available on demand.

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