Lashing and
securing systems

and everything stays in place.

The diverse and highly flexible FLEXMO™ load safety programme is always fitted to your vehicle and tailored to your needs.

From base plates, through wall panelling to telescopic locking bars, lashing rails, anti-slip mats and ergonomic steps, we deliver everything necessary for maximum safety when it comes to loading and unloading.

Naturally the FLEXMO lashing and load securing systems fulfil the statutory requirements of VDI 2700 ff. Yet not only is your load lawfully secured, but your own safety is also ensured as a secure transport is catered for.

Load safety
as a

The multitude of different products, such as lashing rails, clamping plates, mini ratchet straps and many more, offered by the FLEXMO™ programme, allows for individual and flexible securing possibilities within the vehicle, thus guaranteeing you a carefree transport. The load safety systems are seamlessly incorporated into the FLEXMO™ van conversions, enabling us to provide a customised solution to your situation and requirements even in this department. No matter what your load, we can secure it.

Examples from our load securing sortiment

  • Telescopic locking bars with protective casing
    Attached to floors, walls or ceilings with the appropriate lashing rails, the locking bar ensures the reliable securing of flat and bulky loads through its tight fit. It is vital that the lashing rails are attached professionally to provide optimal stability.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories for base plates and wall panelling
    For the optimal securing of objects, FLEXMO™ offers a multitude of lashing rails and plates. These can be easily attached to the floor or wall panelling of the interior of the FLEXMO™ van racking solution, and offer stability and safety. To prevent the base plate in the entry region from premature wear, we also offer an aluminium end profile set to protect it.

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