Efficient logistics.
We will deliver.

Sophisticated logistical concepts are not only an important part of our work, but also play a big role in achieving economic goals. Once production is complete, the individual components are temporarily stored while awaiting installation. These separate pieces are then combined to create the end product, which in turn is then subjected to a very strict final inspection - once passed, it receives a label and is ready to be delivered to the client.

Reliable delivery - directly to where it needs to be

When it comes to delivery, you can rely upon our perfectly organised logistical concept. Thanks to a fleet of trucks belonging to our firm, we can guarantee that the KÖGL quality products arrive at your desired location - undamaged and on time.

Fast delivery of workspace and storage facilities

The most popular standardised solutions for workspace and storage facilities, as well as for van racking and equipment by KÖGL, create a comprehensive range of products. The most successful and popular of our components, from all three of our areas of expertise, are readily available. This allows for us to ensure that a great variety of our products can be delivered quickly.

Enjoy our First Class deliveries

  • The correct products, at the correct time and destination.
  • Qualified drivers
  • Careful transportation with a specialised delivery network

Whatever it is you require - we can deliver immediately or to a desired date, as single products or as a complete solution.

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