What is ESD?

ESD is short for 'ElectroStatic Discharge' - also commonly referred to as an 'electric shock'. Many of these discharges, however, are much too weak to be detected as such by us. Yet the risk that these very minimal discharges can cause damage to highly sensitive component parts, is very high. Structural elements or component groups that are known to have this sensitivity, are referred to as ESD, while the areas, in which these parts can be safely worked upon, are referred to as EPA (Electrostatic Protected Area).

[Translate to en:] Deshalb sind elektrostatisch geschützte Bereiche und ESD-Arbeitsplätze fast in der gesamten Elektronik- und Halbleiterfertigung erforderlich. KÖGL liefert Ihnen die Komplettlösung für die Vermeidung von Elektrostatischen Schäden aus einer Hand. 

ESD protected: through and through

KÖGL offers competent consultation on the ESD control procedures relevant to you, and identifies your specific requirements and thus the best ESD suited working environment for your company. Yet we offer far more than just a workplace suited for ESD - we also support you in the preparation of acceptance, test and audit reports, as well as ESD protection across the whole work chain.

From storage cupboards in the incoming goods department, through to transportation vehicles and paths between workplaces, as well as material supply vehicles and shelves, damage caused by electrostatic discharges is eliminated.

The ESD protected workplace

Just like every other working environment, an ESD protected workspace should be optimised according to ergonomic standards and allow for a smooth and fluent workflow. To prevent any electrostatic discharge from occurring, the charges are conducted through the worktop with the use of an earthing cable. An extensive EPA should definitely at least fulfil the minimal requirements of DIN EN 61340-5-1.

Workplace and facilities tailored to you

It is our job to design and realise the perfect working environment for you, tailored to your needs. As an all-in service provider, we are literally a one-stop shop when it comes to workplace facilities. From competent consultation, through to skilled production and thorough assembly, we are here to fulfil all your unique requirements. We are very proud to be able to offer such an extensive range of products and facilities, even for an ESD protected workplace.

The entire workstation range, along with the comprehensive range of accessories, is also available in the ESD variety. Upon request, other products can also be involved.

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