Warehouse Technology
Warehouse facilities
to ensure correct storage.

In every production process, there is a need for storage in different parts of the production chain. Whether it is the production materials that need to be stored, or the component parts which require temporary storage - it is important that the storage is safe, efficient and functions optimally. Under the heading of 'Warehouse Technology', a number of different tasks are involved - from storing paperwork (in folders), steel plates and small parts to storing large, bulky and heavy objects. The number of different materials and objects that can be stored in a warehouse is quite simply overwhelming. On top of this, each item demands different warehouse facility specifications. To ensure the correct storage of the goods, we have developed a range of products which can fulfil these very demands.

Custom-made and unique solutions

We can offer solutions to all manner of storage requirements, even if your problem cannot be solved with our standard products. In these cases we develop, together with you, the needed facilities, tailored to your demands. We can guarantee that we will find a perfect and custom-made solution for every situation. The warehousing solutions, which are particularly in demand and frequently needed, are naturally available ex works. Yet even these standard solutions can be easily altered and tailored to unique needs. With the correct warehouse technology, the work processes within the storage area can be massively improved. With our comprehensive range of shelving and racking systems, we promise to provide you with the correct solution for your warehouse.

KÖGL offers shelving and racking systems for even the most complex demands.

For the storage of heavy goods, for example, the GARANT heavy duty shelving is ideal. With a load capacity of up to 1000 kg, the goods can be loaded and unloaded easily and conveniently due to the pullout function.

The steel plate shelving is perfect for the storage of plates and boards in vertical positions.

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