Sheet material rack for the storage of sheet goods

The sheet material rack facilitates the correct and safe storage of sheet goods or other materials in sheet or board-like shape. The basic frame with the dimensions 1560 x 600 mm offers sufficient room for standard formats, and due to the galvanised base plate, the warehouse goods are stored on a secure, permanent and durable ground.

Easy handling

The smooth rolling and galvanised carrier rollers ensure an easy and safe loading and unloading process. For goods of different sizes, the stirrups, with heights of 400 mm or 800 mm, can be installed. We ensure maximum safety and stability by using 30 x 30 mm square tube as the core material. Due to the effective push-through protection made from flat steel, the sheet materials are also protected perfectly from any damage caused by their standing on the ground. The sheet material rack is powder coated, which also ensures its optic longevity.

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