Modern production

Our products not only adhere to the industrial standards, but also meet the highest demands of our customers. To ensure this, it is necessary to involve the most cutting-edge production technology available. Punching, bending, laser machining and welding are all processes which we use in our production, all of which help us achieve the greatest level of productivity. This ensures we can realise every unique project successfully and cost-efficiently, in both single piece and serial production.

Die cutting
Efficient and productive

Die punching is one of the most important processes in our everyday production flow. With our extremely modern die cutting technology, three dimensional sheet metal processing is made possible, as it can be applied to even highly complex shapes and forms. The machine which we use can, thanks to a fully automated system, ensure highly effective complete machining. The TruPunch 5000 is a machine which takes die cutting to a whole new level. The incredibly productive high-end machine combines process reliability and productivity with flexibility, while creating components of the highest quality.

Coil-fed punching machines
Flexibility combined with high productivity

For cost-efficient production, especially when it comes to producing a great number of units, coil-fed punching machines are the best choice. However, our machines are just as capable of producing small-scale series, thanks to their great level of flexibility. Their modern technology minimises the need for frequent coil replacements, which ensures the machines are almost always available for use.

Bending: intelligent.
Fully automated and technological.

The CNC-controlled bending centre performs great precision work while also offering high levels of efficiency and flexibility. The bending centre is fed prepunched metal plates, which are formed into the correct shape inside the bending station. Up to 6 pieces can be processed within the 6 bending stations of the bending centre at any one time. The parts are automatically transferred to the withdrawal station upon completion, and are consistently of high quality - no matter if produced as part of a small, medium or large scale series.

Detaching and attaching
With modern laser technology

Optimised tube processing with laser - By combining modern CNC-techniques with laser technology, high cutting speeds, as well as fantastic cutting quality, are facilitated. Our laser is able to cut through structural steel sections of up to 200mm in diameter and a material thickness of up to 8mm. Due to an integrated camera, the automated handling of sections which previously exceeded the capacities of the machinery, has now become possible. The geometry of the section profiles, as well as potentially existing welding seams, are automatically recognised, along with the orientation and position of the tube during the loading process. This helps to greatly increase process reliability and productivity.

New construction possibilities
due to angular cuts

The new generation of machines has learnt to carry out angular cuts. This development greatly increases the possibilities of constructions. Even when dealing with an angle of up to 45°, neither the speed nor the precision of the machine is compromised. Mitre cuts, chamfers and angled intersections are no longer issues thanks to this new technology. By combining tube and sheet metal elements, regular sheet metal constructions can be significantly optimised.

Consistent high quality

When it comes to welding, we use highly automated and flexible welding units. Each piece is worked by several CNC-controlled robots, contactless and at high speed. Areas once deemed as difficult to reach, are no longer an issue for the robots due to their new horizontal position changers and robotic sliding carriages.

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