Drawer Cabinets

These sheet steel tool cupboards by KÖGL are made from high quality materials and are produced with our own modern machinery. Like with all of our products, for our drawer cabinets we place great importance on the highest levels of precision and quality. Each of the cupboards has undergone our thorough quality assurance, and has earned itself a space in our storage area with its high quality.

Ergonomically Optimised

All drawers are submerged in the housing. This means there are no protruding and obstructive handles. The drawer cabinets have a lateral grid in their housing, meaning that the drawers can be customised individually, should this be required. On top, the KÖGL tool cupboards are finished with a stainless steel sheet metal cover which has a three sided coiling edge. This allows for the tool cupboards to be optimally employed in a diversity of situations, and ensures that they adapt to your unique requirements.

The casing of the drawers, and the drawers themselves, are available in several variations. Combined with the GARANT Kombi workbench, the perfect work space can be realised.

Due to the comprehensive range of accessories available, and the modular structure of our system, the tool cupboards can be tailored to fit your unique needs precisely. Each of your tools will thus be granted its respective area, keeping it safe from harm and easy to access at the same time.

Interested in our tool cabinets?
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