Base plates and
wall panels for
vehicle interiors

Reliable protection

A service vehicle is regularly subjected to heavy loads throughout a typical working day. To ensure these vehicles' longevity, they not only need to be handled correctly, but also be equipped with the correct fittings. With the FLEXMO™ base plates and wall panelling, the vehicle stays in good condition, even after long periods of use. As the interior is thus protected from dirt and damage, a high resale value can be achieved. On top of this, the panelling allows for further fittings to be installed.

Base plates

Base plates provide the foundation for the installation of our upfits, without causing any damage to the vehicle floor. The resale value, especially for leased vehicles, is drastically increased as the vehicle interior is protected.


FLEXMO™ offers customised base plates for all vehicle types, tailored and cut to fit, from 12 mm thick multi-layered hardwood. This robust and durable base plate guarantees a reliable and secure conservation of the floor. The anti-slip surface assures secure footing and protects from dirt and damage.

For the secure and reliable installation of the base plates, the FLEXMO™ adhesive installation kit is recommended. This will prevent the floor from moving around, as well as guaranteeing a secure installation of further in-vehicle fittings.

Please note:
Details about the type of vehicle, manufacture year, wheel base and the arrangement of the doors, are required when ordering.

Wall panelling

The wall panelling is attached to the interior of the vehicle, protecting the inside walls. Available for all standard vehicle types, we offer panels for side walls, sliding and hinged doors, as well as for tailgates. The panelling also allows for lashing systems to be embedded, to aid with the securing of bulky items.

The FLEXMO™ mounting kit ensures a secure installation. For maximum safety, we recommend you use exclusively FLEXMO™ installation products.

Our extensive range of fittings, compatible with the base plates and wall panels, includes aluminium end profiles for the access area, lashing rails and the relevant sets of screws.


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