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It is always the combination of a variety of aspects which ensures the long-term success of a company. Decades worth of experience, highly skilled and competent workers, a very distinguished awareness of quality products, innovation, a customer orientated service, teamwork and social competence all play important roles in the KÖGL company.

From beginning to end: we realise your ideas

To realise an idea, planning is key. This is why the planning process is of particular importance to us, and we are very thorough and take great care. To help with this, we make use of our years worth of experience, to ensure a successful project realisation which can fulfil all our, and your, aspirations. Starting with the concept, following it through with 3D planning and finally completing its thorough installation, we have everything under control. Our experience and extensive know-how are, of course, also at our client's disposal. Together with our customers, we develop solutions which are precisely customised to their needs. This ensures more efficient workflows, and thus greater productivity.

KÖGL: award-winning expertise

We are a certified manufacturer and place great importance on the quality of our products. The innovation we have shown in our field of work is demonstrated by the great number of patents and utility models which we hold. Various awards that KÖGL has been granted over the years show the recognition and respect that our work has gained. Amongst the 'Bayerischer Staastspreis' and the 'Bundesinnovationspreis', we also proudly hold many other distinctions.

The focus is on the client
We are working for you

KÖGL offers qualified expertise and a customer orientated service from the word go - and until the product is finished and installed at the client's request. From the idea through to the construction and installation, all the way to the final inspection, storage and delivery, KÖGL ensures perfection in all areas.


On top of this, KÖGL benefits greatly from the partnership with the Hoffmann Group, which has decades worth of experience, and has been distributing KÖGL products for over 40 years under the brand names GARANT and HOLEX. Therefore, we can guarantee the highest possible quality; for your every workday.

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