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FLEXMO™ van racking systems

FLEXMO™ offers a wide spectrum of individually configured and customised commercial vehicle upfits. Because of their modular structure, the separate elements can be combined with one another as required. They are suitable for all branches of business, and can be embedded in all vehicle models. Without fail guaranteeing load safety, optimum functionality and convenience, our fittings are also ergonomic, space saving and aesthetically pleasing. FLEXMO™  ensures that your unique needs are met, and can offer a tailor made van racking solution for you, based on a personal requirement analysis. This allows you, and your service vehicle, to be perfectly prepared for all assignments.

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The correct equipment

To complete all assignments professionally and perfectly, it is imperative to be prepared for all eventualities. This means having all the necessary tools, replacements and materials at hand. This is where FLEXMO™ van racking solutions come into play. Your upfitted service vehicle can support you and enable you to complete the job quickly and professionally. With the modular system, your vehicle interior can be tailored to your own personal requirements, while the materials aluminium, steel and hard plastic ensure the fittings’ durability and stability. The low inherent weight of our van racking systems guarantees not only safety, but also easy handling and low fuel consumption.

Your mobile workshop
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FLEXMO™ van racking solutions offer an astounding range of benefits:

  • Suitable for all vehicle types and customisable.
  • Intelligently equipped service vehicles, ensuring a lucrative workday.
  • A comprehensive range of products, tailored to unique requirement profiles.
  • Infinite combinations with a perfect fit, thanks to the modular structure.
  • Safety and road security increased with crash tested products.

More advantages of FLEXMO™


FLEXMO™ offers reliable and customised vehicle conversion solutions, which are highly functional and user-friendly. With our van racking systems, your service vehicle will be tailored to fulfill your unique requirements. The risk of damage to goods in transit, as well as the time spent searching for equipment, are drastically decreased. Regardless of which vehicle you are operating, we have the perfect solution - from small service cars through to large workshop vans, we have everything you need to help your personal workflow. As one of the largest facility-, storage- and van racking companies, the product range FLEXMO™ not only creates the perfect customised vehicle upfit, but also enables you to benefit from the synergy of all our areas of expertise.

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