Workplace facilities

Easier working

Well designed workspace facilities have one important function: to ensure the workday routine flows seamlessly, and that the daily tasks are managed with ease and precision. To achieve this seemingly simple task, high standards have to be set in a great number of areas. Professional workspace facilities must continually offer high quality, functionality, reliability and easy handling throughout the working day - even under frequent use.

Premium quality
in design and

Workspace facilities and interiors by GARANT and HOLEX

The workplace and storage facilities by KÖGL fulfil all these demands and more. GARANT and HOLEX are both proud distributors of KÖGL workspace and storage equipment across the globe - exclusively by the Hoffmann Group® and their licensed partners.

The premium brand: GARANT

The brand GARANT is a direct expression of production expertise. The products carrying this brand name are innovative, well-engineered and reliable. In their premium range, a great variety of tools for all manner of applications can be found, for example for machining and measuring technology.

And the future looks bright for GARANT. Products are continually being further developed to ensure their ongoing fulfilment of the modern requirements of tomorrow's industry.

The quality brand: HOLEX

HOLEX is a brand to depend upon: the most important tools and workspace facilities in industrial quality, at very attractive prices, and with great supply availability. Even with frequent usage, the products from Holex  always guarantee stability, quality and reliability.

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