Electro and

with infinite possibilities


A large amount of time is spent at the workstation, and concentration must be assured - because it is here, that the electrical and assembly work is realised. Especially when a variety of tasks with constantly changing requirements are performed, it becomes immeasurably valuable to have a workspace which is flexible enough to fulfil all of these requirements. To ensure that everyone can find the right workstation for their work, the Garant workstations are available as four different variations:

  • GARANT Workstation mLevel
  • GARANT Workstation eLevel 
  • GARANT Workstation eLevel+ 
  • Electrically height adjustable worktop

The ergonomic workspace

Ergonomics and a system of individuality

It is largely due to the multitude of adjustments and configurations that the Garant workstations are so highly ergonomic. We know that perfect results can only be achieved in an ergonomically ideal working environment.

Convenient adjustments to individual working heights, a wide variety of illumination options and many options for the supply of work equipment ensure the levels of ergonomics that are instrumental in achieving perfection. These are the innovations that can make working more pleasant and efficient.

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