Each application requires a special type of worktop. Depending on which tasks need to be performed, there are particular standards that must be fulfilled. We offer worktops with a variety of characteristics and can therefore equip specialised workplaces for businesses focused on assembly, laboratory, electronic or optic work, amongst other professions.

The Universal One: Beech Multiplex Worktops

  • This worktop is an all-rounder for general use, and is an essential component of any work bench. It is for this reason, that we exclusively use high quality, abrasion and impact resistant beech wood, which is finished with a solvent free UV varnish. Beech Multiplex worktops are resistant to sprayed water and to dirt, and largely resistant to oil, grease, solvents and chemicals. (these do, however, affect the visual appearance of the worktop).

The Robust One: Beechwood - strip glued

  • A worktop ideal for heavy work, for example for mechanical engineering or steel work, made from solid wood strips with a gear tooth profile on the sides, finished with a solvent free UV varnish. Beech wood boards are splash proof and resistant to dirt, as well as oil, fat, solvents and chemicals (these do, however, affect the visual appearance of the surface).

The Technical One: Eluplan Plastic Covering (Linoleum Sealing)

  • A worktop for assembly, inspection and laboratory working environments with the option of either a light grey or dark covering. The surface is made from a persistent antistatic, highly abrasion resistant, medium hard covering with a thickness of 2 mm. Eluplan boards are resistant to oils, fats, weak acids and alkalis (which, however, do affect the visual appearance of the worktop)

The Specialist One: Eterlux (Melamine / Phenolic Resin)

  • A worktop ideal for laboratory (due to its decontamination characteristics), electric, optic and office working environments. The surface consists of a very scratch proof and heat proof covering, with a thickness of 2,7 mm. Eterlux boards are incredibly hard-wearing and resistant to oils, fats, soldering tin, weak acids and alkalis, while also fireproof for short periods of exposure to flames (these do, however, affect the visual appearance of the worktop).

We also provide other worktops, for example ESD worktops, plastic or electrically discharging panels (for the avoidance of electrostatic charges).

On top of this, galvanised sheet steel or stainless steel coverings, as well as a submerged, powder coated edge protection, are available as options.

We store up to 6,000 worktops in our warehouse, all of which are ready for to be processed.

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