with powder coating

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Functionality is our number one priority when it comes to our products and our customer's workpieces. However, we also place great importance on design and choice of colour, as we have learnt that products must stand out if they are to be competing in the market. Thanks to our automated powder coating facility, equipped with the latest technology, we are able to live up to our ambitious standards in these areas as well. In our modern powder coating booths, we are able to change the colour within minutes, enabling us to fulfil the demands of serial production as well as clients' individual requirements efficiently.

Within the five powder coating booths, which make up the heart of the plant, up to 4,500 different parts per shift are fully automatically cleaned, degreased, dried and powder coated at a speed reaching up to 5m/minute, to then be solidly fixed at 190°C.

The benefits of powder coating

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  • customised surfaces
    matt, glossy, structured, hammer finish, metallic, ESD
  • large RAL colour chart
  • cost-efficient

and thanks to our modern facilities:

  •  environmentally friendly

Any left over powder from a powder coating process is collected and re-cycled within the plant.

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