FLEXMO™ van racking solutions
for all types of vehicles

Van racking systems suited for all vehicle types

Which type of service vehicle is best suited to your area of business, depends very much on what your specific requirements are and what your average workday involves. Regardless of which model and size of vehicle you choose, we can render it perfect for everyday business. With our FLEXMO™ van racking systems, we can save valuable working and loading space. Depending on what you need, we can optimise your vehicle for transportation or as a mobile workshop.

The perfectly converted interior of your vehicle

To ensure that we can fulfil even your wildest requirements, we also offer customised solutions. These are carefully designed using 3D animations, which give clients a spatial insight into the plans, and allow them to simulate important work processes. However, due to our comprehensive range of readily available solutions, we can fulfil almost all demands as it is. Especially the modular structure of our FLEXMO™ commercial vehicle upfits allows for a varied and flexible installation, tailored to your needs. Regardless of whether you have a passenger car, small or large van, transporter, heavy load truck or a lorry - we can find the perfect solution for your requirements, designing and creating a vehicle interior tailored to your everyday workflow.

Experts when it comes to in-vehicle, workplace and storage facilities



Our core competence and expertise lies not only in vehicle fittings, but also in workplace and storage facilities. Equipping all your areas of business with a single provider ensures that your converted vehicle becomes an extension of your business environment, allowing it to function hand in hand with your storage and workshop facilities. By designing and creating workplace, storage and vehicle facilities tailored to your requirements, we increase the efficiency of your workflow. Not only do we provide you with enough space to transport all you need, but we also guarantee an orderly workspace and a secure storage systems.

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