The configurable GridLine Vario workbench

Based on the modular principle, Vario workbenches guarantee great modality and high flexibility.

With the GridLine Vario workbench, you can configure your workbench according to your wishes and needs. The workbench adapts perfectly to your space and work situation.
The new GARANT GridLine Vario workbenches offer a variety of design options. They have no overhang and can be freely configured: whether as a work island or as long rows. The housing of the workbench can be configured in two different widths. The two 16 G = 400 mm and 24 G = 600 mm versions are available in two designs: Either as a hanging block for more legroom at work or standing under the worktop for plenty of storage space for tools or small materials. The workbench can also be configured with manual or electrical height adjustment. This makes work easier and creates ergonomic workspaces. Last but not least, the GridLine Vario workbenches can be equipped with a wide range of accessories. Side panels, rear walls and shelves free up many options when arranging workspaces.

Workbenches without overhang

  • The workbenches can be connected to form fixed units.
  • Configuration for work islands is also possible.
  • The workbenches can be easily placed in a row.

Configurable housing size

  • The housing sizes are specified in the uniform G grid.
  • Two different usable widths are available: 12 G = 300 mm and 20 G = 500 mm.
  • The load capacity of the drawers is 75 kg
  • The workbenches have a modular drawer concept. The partition material is uniformly available for all GridLine products.

Workbenches in various heights

  • The workbenches are configurable in a height of 850 mm or 950 mm.

Foot section of the workbenches

  • The foot section is made of sturdy tubular steel. 50-mm-wide feet create a slim look with maximum stability. Crossbars provide extra stability.
  • Smooth surfaces without protruding edges with rounded corners ensure maximum safety and absolute cleanliness.
  • The foot sections are available in four different heights (650, 750, 800 and 900 mm).
  • Gusset plates also provide additional stability.
  • Foot sections with cable ducts ensure easy and professional laying of media lines/cables.

Height-adjustable workbenches

  • The height of the workbenches can be adjusted manually as a slide-in unit with an adjustment range of 150 mm in a 25 mm grid.
  • An electrical height adjustment with a continuous adjustment range of 200 mm is also possible.

Rear wall/shelf

  • Use as a privacy screen or extra storage space is possible.

Side wall paneling

  • The paneling can be attached as a simple privacy screen or as a closed foot section.
  • With perforated plate various connection options, with media equipment for the supply of energy and media connections.

Colour Palette


RAL 7035


RAL 7016


RAL 5005


RAL 6011


RAL 5012


RAL 7005


RAL 9002


RAL 5018


RAL 3003


RAL 5011

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