Top quality
right from
the start

From the idea to the product

Nothing is impossible - for each project we make full use of all our areas of expertise to ensure the conceptual product features can become reality. This allows for a top idea to become a top product. Throughout the developmental phase, we focus fully on exploring the new idea and its every detail. The planning, developing, designing and especially the construction processes, are all carefully considered. This is regardless of whether we are working on an entirely new product or a further development of an already existing product.

We plan, construct and produce

Top quality right from the beginning - the project begins with our modern CAD-Systems, in which the individual components are developed. This means our product designers and engineers start the production process on their virtual drawing boards. At this point, we will already decide which materials, tools and machines are going to be needed to complete the project. We try to not only be cost-efficient while making these choices, but also consider the most environmentally friendly processing options. By using the CAD-Systems, we have constant access to all the specifications and requirements of the final product. Changes and improvements, for example new colours or shapes, can also be easily shown and examined for faults in the 3D animation.

Construction and creation

No fiddling about with half-measures - the creation of our products is a highly complex procedure, which involves a variety of different work processes. Particularly when working with sheet metal, there are a great number of steps that need to be followed precisely for effective production. Due to our own in-house maintenance facilities as well as our tool and fixture constructions, we are able to substantially minimise downtimes, which in turn ensures greater efficiency and an ongoing seamless flow of production.

Our passion for metal

We love metal - this is why we create highly functional constructions and system solutions having taken all the specific qualities of potential material combinations into account. We not only ensure their continued high quality, but also consider the economic side of things, by looking to minimise production costs.

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