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KÖGL workspace, storage and in-vehicle facilities

Our company profile

KÖGL GmbH is a family-run business, which designs and produces workspace and storage facilities as well as compatible commercial van racking systems, under the "Made in Germany" slogan.

Our first-class robust systems support all types of craft, industry and service providers in successfully mastering their daily challenges.

With our many years worth of experience and innovation, we are a most reliable partner for our clients. For all our projects, regardless of whether it involves a standard solution or a customised one, we commit ourselves entirely to reach the best possible result.


Since the company's foundation in 1963, the family-run structure of the business has been preserved, while KÖGL has been continuously experiencing growth. A flat hierarchy, co-operative partnership amongst colleagues, fairness and honesty are values by which we live - every day. This benefits not only our workers, but also our clients.

As a highly modern and innovative corporation with an extraordinary instinct for future market developments, the foundations for the company's safe and stable future have been solidly set a long time ago. Our commitment to quality, high degree of professionalism and social competency, great vertical range of manufacture, extreme flexibility, high levels of customisation, as well as our economic and ecological awareness, ensure the company's market competitiveness and its ability to master current and future challenges.

  • It is our aim to fulfil our clients' every request. We turn dreams into an efficient and profitable reality, considering every customer's unique situation.

  • No matter which problem you need a solution for, we can deliver the appropriate workplace, storage or vehicle interiors and facilities to you.

  • We think in tandem with our customers, and plan ahead. Your problem becomes our problem - until it no longer exists as a problem at all.

  • The sky's the limit when it comes to your creativity - and our possibilities.

Because nothing makes us happier, than to see our customers happy.

Create values.
Live values.
Teach values.


KÖGL's commitment to quality has been at the heart of the company from the beginning. Our technologically perfect equipment, motivation, passion and enthusiasm means we create high-quality products. To ensure that we fulfil our own high standards of quality, we produce all parts and components of our systems ourselves. Durability and reliability - made in Germany.


We are constantly growing and changing - because only with the thus given high levels of flexibility can we adapt to new situations and circumstances. This helps us to find holistic and customised solutions for our clients. As a result, we are able to turn almost every client's dream into a reality using the modern technology and innovative ideas we hold.


A sense of responsibility, trust, honesty and appreciation are the cornerstones of safety. We apply these values not only to ourselves and our workers, but also when facing our customers and business partners. However, safety is not only a value that we live by, but also one that strengthens our market position; our innovation and instinct for future market developments has long ago set the path for the company's successful future.

Family values

A flat hierarchy, co-operative partnerships amongst colleagues, fairness and honesty towards clients and workers alike - these are all values still present in our company today. Over five decades, we have kept the structure and values of a typical family-run business. And that isn't about to change.

The environment and sustainability

We are very environmentally aware, and take great responsibility. Our sustainable production processes, in compliance with all environmental regulations, as well as our sparing use of natural resources are part of our plan of action to protect the environment and the climate - and thus also the future generation.

50 years of KÖGL


[Translate to en:] KÖGL GmbH Gründer


The company is founded by engineer Adolf Kögl in Günzburg.

[Translate to en:] Produktionsfläche KÖGL


A large production area is built.

[Translate to en:] Werkbank mit Stahlunterbau von KÖGL


The first workbench with a steel frame is born.


KÖGL becomes the exclusive manufacturer of workplace and storage facilities for the Hoffmann GmbH in Munich.


  • following the move from Günzberg to Bubesheim
  • the second generation becomes part of the team


Everything is heading for growth:

  • Expansion of the machinery
  • Creation of new jobs despite the recession
  • A doubling of the turnover
  • An increase of the production area to 8,500 m2


  • 25-year anniversary
  • The new centre for administration, education and exhibitions is inaugurated
[Translate to en:] KÖGL erweitert Blechfertigung und Schweißerei


More space is needed for the production - a new welding and sheet metal production centre is opened, covering 4,800 m2.


KÖGL's first van racking system is born, thus laying the foundations for FLEXMO™.

[Translate to en:] KÖGL erhält Bundesinnovationspreis


Awarded the Bundesinnovationspreis.

[Translate to en:] KÖGEL Montagehalle


A new assembly hall, covering 14,000m2. , is built.

[Translate to en:] KÖGL zertifiziert sich nach Qualitätsmanagements System DIN EN ISO 9001:2008


The certified quality management system, according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is introduced.


KÖGL's own brand FLEXMO™ is launched into the market.

[Translate to en:] KÖGL Verwaltungsgebäude in Bubesheim


  • Definition of the corporate values
  • Involvement of the third generation in the company
  • Structural restoration
  • Renovation and expansion of the new administration building
  • 50-year anniversary


Development of FLEXMO™ and the second generation's market launch.


  • Modernisation of the machinery
  • Expansion of the education centre to over 600 m2
  • The welding workshop receives a brand new building and warehouse

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