Premium and
quality workbenches


The workbenches by GARANT and HOLEX stand for stability and customisation in premium quality. Their practical and appealing design makes them particularly attractive. The KÖGL workbenches are true all-rounders, making them indispensable for many businesses. With the five different product lines available in our workbench portfolio, we can fulfil even the most specific requirements.

GARANT Kompakt workbench - The Robust One

This standard model of the GARANT workbenches is particularly robust and will prove itself reliable in many different situations and over a long period of time. The foundation of the GARANT KOMPAKT workbench is a welded frame construction, which gives it a loading capacity of up to 1,500 kg.

  • Maximum load-bearing capacity due to the welded frame construction.
  • Up to 1,500kg load capacity.

Garant Kompakt

GARANT Kompakt -L and H workbenches

The workbenches in our L- and H-Series, are workbenches for mechanics. While designing these workbenches, we particularly focused on the requirements of electrical engineers, precision mechanics and other similar occupations.





Kompakt-L - The Noble One

  • Elegant and functional, made from stable square pipe.
  • Up to 1,200 kg load capacity.


Kompakt-H - The Ergonomic One

With a working height of up to 930mm, this workbench is perfect for both sitting and standing positions.

Garant Kompakt-H

GARANT Combi-workbench - The Universal One

  • Individually adjustable and extendable due to its modular nature.
  • Up to 1000 kg load capacity.

Garant Kombi

HOLEX workbench - The Affordable One

Up to 900kg load capacity.


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