Vehicle conversions
for vans

Vans are particularly well suited to being delivery or service vehicles. With the FLEXMO™ van racking system, the possibilities your van has to offer, are quite literally endless. The underfloor modules ensure an efficient use of space, as well as providing a quick and simple organisation system for all important tools and materials. Particularly those tools that are frequently used benefit from this system, as it allows fast and easy access. The cover of these modules can either be used as regular storage space, or become the foundation of further in-vehicle fittings. Naturally, your van racking solution will always be individually customised to your precise requirements.

A real space saver

Installing an underfloor module drastically increases the amount of space available in your van. By separating the modules into different segments, the room is used more efficiently, and can thus store more materials and tools than before. Only when each tool has its own space, can you truly claim to be organised.

The wide variety of van racking solutions FLEXMO™ has to offer, can easily be combined with our underfloor modules. This ensures that your van can become the ultimate service vehicle that your job requires.

An efficient solution

The benefits of driving a van are numerous. The price of acquisition, maintenance and fuel consumption are amongst the biggest. Thanks to our unique and customisable van conversions, the interior of your vehicle can be tailored to your needs. Every process in your daily workflow can be simplified and eased with the correct equipment. Naturally, we also ensure that our van racking systems consist of highly ergonomic  and stable, long-lasting products.

Experts in vehicle, storage and workshop facilities

With our specialist advice and great expertise also extending to include storage and workshop facilities, we are a one-stop shop for all you need. The converted van can thus work hand in hand with the facilities available in your workshop or warehouse.

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