Aluminium roof rack systems

There is no such thing as too much space in a service vehicle. Big or bulky loads and materials need to be transported, and often, no matter how brilliantly the vehicle has been converted, extra space is needed for ladders or other large items.

With the FLEXMO™ aluminium roof rack system, the load volume is quickly and easily increased. It provides ergonomic handling of larger objects and simplifies everyday life.

Suitable for all vehicles

Regardless of whether your vehicle has a long or a short wheelbase, a normal or a raised roof - our roof rack system can quickly and safely store your ladder on top of almost all standard transporters. Despite its light and aerodynamic design, our roof rack system is durable and corrosion resistant. There is no need for any form of modification of the vehicle to install the system; our regular standardised mounting products do the job. As a result, not only are you granted a greater transport volume, but also simple and uncomplicated handling - with very little extra effort. Plus, if the old vehicle has to make way for a new one, you can simply transfer the roof rack system the new van.

The ergonomic
lift solution for
all types of ladders

Due to the modular construction of our ladder lift and the comprehensive range of accessories available, each lift can be customised. Installed in the roof gutter (on the standardised anchoring points), this solution is also suitable for all types of transporters. By simply operating a lever, the ladder is swung to the side. This highly ergonomic handling of the ladder simplifies an otherwise cumbersome work process. To enable you to continue working with your preferred ladder type, the system can be applied to all standard ladders with a net weight of up to 35 kg. We also have an alternate solution for heavier ladders up to 55 kg available. There is no need to invest in new ladders to increase ergonomics!

Advantages of the roof rack system:

  • A greater transport and load volume of your vehicle
  • Ergonomic handling and customisable
  • Lightweight and adaptable to new and alternate vehicles

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