The Noble One or
The Ergonomic One

Expedient in daily working life and elegant in design - the GARANT Kompakt-L and GARANT Kompakt-H workbenches. Specially designed and manufactured for companies whose main emphasis lies in precision mechanics, electrical engineering, tool manufacture, etc. It is also perfect for the use in vocational schools and training workshops of these branches of business.

The workbenches for mechanics

The workbenches for mechanics. The workbenches Garant Kompakt-L and H are optimised for the use in workshops belonging to mechanics and technicians of different fields. An easy and efficient working process is facilitated by the large number of professional details of these workbenches.

The material required for the everyday workflow can be easily and accessibly stored and the entire design of the workbenches is completely ergonomic. Our Garant Kompakt-H workbench is also a perfect and ergonomic solution for taller employees.

GARANT Kompakt-L Workbenches

The high quality GARANT Kompakt-L Workbenches are characterised by a multitude of professional details, making them an ideal standard for every workshop. The workbenches have been designed with the workflow in mind, and every detail has a function which increases efficiency.

Our workbenches facilitate a convenient, comfortable and ergonomic working routine. There is sufficient leg room available to ensure that activities in a seated position can also be performed comfortably. The worktop is produced from 50 mm thick, warping resistant beech multiplex. The material is bonded with waterproof glue and varnished with a colourless lacquer.

The door, thanks to a handy push handle, enables safe, convenient and quick access. On the inside of the 540 mm high sheet steel door is a tray for paperwork, so that important documents are always accessible. For the highest degree of ergonomics, the door hinges can be either attached on the left or on the right. The locking system is comprised of a cylinder lock with five pin tumblers, a modular plug insert and allows for safe storage. Further materials and tools can be stored quickly and easily in the drawers. Due to the smooth rollers made from Delrin 100, the drawers are easy to operate up to a load of 100 kg. Also a customised subdivision of the drawers is made possible by the slots available on the inside of the drawer itself. The entire workbench is supported by legs made of square steel pipe, which can be adapted to whatever the circumstances require with their height adjustment screws made of steel.

The GARANT Kompakt Workbenches can also be combined together to create a row of workbenches. Our three different models of the workbench allow for a composition of a large working space:

    • Size L = the left workbench part with a worktop protrusion to the left of 100 mm.
    • Size M = the middle workbench part without any worktop protrusion
    • Size R = the right workbench part with a worktop protrusion to the right of 100 mm.

    GARANT Kompakt-H Workbenches

    The GARANT Kompakt H workbench offers the same level of functionality and premium quality as the GARANT Kompakt L. Yet on top of this, it can offer a greater degree of ergonomics for taller employees. With a working height of 930 mm (Kompakt L 850 mm) the GARANT Kompakt H can be installed as a second standard for specialised requirements.


    Single workbenches:
    Lengths of 1,500 mm and 2,000 mm

    Serial workbenches:
    Lengths of 1,200/1,300 mm and 1,800/1,900 mm
    Flush with each other (no gaps) to allow for attachment

    Kompakt L 850 cm, Kompakt H 930 cm

    Colour Palette


    RAL 9002


    RAL 7035


    RAL 7005


    RAL 7016


    RAL 6011


    RAL 5018


    RAL 5012


    RAL 5011


    RAL 5005


    RAL 3003

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